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The Rebel Technologist

Welcome to the world of the Rebel Technologist.
The disrupters, the change makers.

Where legends lead the future of business and technology.



on the cutting edge!

I loathe the “normal”, the status quo.

It’s right on the edge of chaos and convention (where stagnation dies and transformation thrives) that I find true meaning and contentment.

To determine how far things can be pushed, to create meaningful change and to deliver transformation through technology is my driving force and superpower.

My Entrepreneurial

What is at the forefront of being a successful entrepreneur? FAILURE.
I have built businesses that were at the cutting edge. I have used technology to redefine the way things work. I have been the guide to transformation.

And in many cases, I have seen failure.

Those defining moments are what led up to me discovering and launching an incredibly successful career as co-founder of a global and leading AI-enablement company. It’s what led me to become a Rebel Technologist.


Google perfected the Rebel approach in its heyday and used technology to disrupt industries like never before. It set new standards for modern technology that redefined how to build and deploy in real-time.

Together, my teams and I were part of accelerating global markets and building leading services in the realm of digital innovation - way before anybody else was.

- It was there that I learnt from the masters!
Some of my proudest moments:

- Leading Google Mobile Ads across South Africa.
- Leading Google Cloud in Sub-Saharan Africa and Africa at large.
- Launching Google Maps Live Traffic SA and Android Play Store SA (as fun side-projects).
- Spearheading Youtube’s early days in South Africa, launching the revenue business and accelerating local content creation.
My biggest lesson learnt?

What: Pushing an industry to digitally transform at scale and helping them find new digital customers by bringing tech and innovation to the consumer.

How: Sharing Google’s culture with the local business community and encouraging a culture of constant change and innovation, as well as having the insight and approach to know what it takes to enact data-driven change.
Learning x Success = Opportunity.

Barclays Africa had me on their radar during my time at Google. They approached me to rebuild their digital stack and implement a new, modern way of working.

The question was this: How do I translate my experience in Google to a 40,000 person Pan-African bank?
We hustled. We worked hard. We innovated. And the results have been both massive and life-changing! For the individuals, the teams and the organisation as a whole.

What we did: Launched the right data driven digital technology to market. This included an award-winning, first-of-its-kind transactional banking NLP Chatbot, named by Financial Times London as the banking technology of the year).
How we got it right: By using an agile approach and implementing DevOps, we were able to develop code and design fabulous digital tech.

The reason and purpose: To cultivate a new culture, one centred on the customer and that always places “people first”. Through a fail-fast, transparent, and safe space with a staff-first approach, I got my first taste of a redefined culture – one where the utopia for Rebel Technologists can live and thrive.



My combined experience, along with the lessons that I’ve learned, have been a real game-changer.

Naturally, the next step was to implement.

This is when I co-founded

Passion, meaning and purpose:
As uniquely qualified, cutting-edge Rebel Technologists, we help enterprises digitally transform and push against outdated and archaic approaches.
My mission:
To help aspiring Rebel Technologists realise their own capabilities, and to action and implement solutions that have been tried and talked about for years.

Through technology and people, we disrupt, mobilise and revolutionise global enterprises by implementing new-world solutions and capabilities. At scale.

Welcome to the

TeraVerse - the Revolution of Rebuilding:

Beyond trailblazing our clients’ transformation, my passion lives in building communities.

It gives me energy and hope for a better, sustainable future.

If you have a deep-seated desire for change, then join our community of
Rebels, Digital Thought Leaders and Technical Pioneers as we explore the concepts of change, transformation, modernising and rebuilding.

Rebel Technologist


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Fueling the Innovation Engine: the Indispensable Role of the Rebel Technologist in Business

In a rapidly advancing technological landscape, businesses must adapt or risk being left behind. Unlocking the potential of Rebel Technologists is the key to gaining a competitive edge.

Join Brett StClair in this electrifying keynote as he unveils the critical role of Rebel Technologists in the AI era and how they can propel innovation and growth at the crossroads of Artificial Intelligence, Data, Machine Learning, and Digital Culture. Learn to recognize and cultivate rebel technologists within your organization and foster a culture that champions disruptive thinking and experimentation.

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This captivating keynote will ignite your teams to welcome change and navigate the lightning-fast pace of innovation. Cut through the noise and discover what it takes to spark a revolution in your business. Don’t miss this dynamic keynote experience; book now to secure your spot and elevate your team’s innovative prowess.

Attendees will:

  1. Discover the significance of Rebel Technologists in today’s business landscape
  2. Learn to identify and nurture Rebel Technologists within your organization
  3. Empower Rebel Technologists to harness AI, Data, Machine Learning, and Digital Culture for innovation and growth
  4. Develop strategies for cultivating an environment that supports disruptive thinking and experimentation
  5. Master techniques for transforming disruptive ideas into successful business models

Designed for forward-thinking business leaders and decision-makers, this keynote offers invaluable insights on staying ahead in an ever-changing business environment. Seize the opportunity to learn from Brett StClair, a thought leader and riveting speaker, on leveraging technology for progress and growth in your business.

Experience an interactive, innovative, and enthralling presentation, complete with inspiring stories of success and failure. Join the thousands of executives who have unleashed their businesses’ potential. Book Brett StClair now and embark on a thrilling journey towards innovation and growth.



Embrace Generative AI: Seize the Future and Disrupt the Disruptor

Join Brett as he dives deep into the astounding world of Generative AI, illuminating the path towards Singularity where AI threatens to replace humans and jeopardize our jobs. As technology advances rapidly and powerful tools become accessible to all, we stand at a crossroads: harnessing this potential for the betterment of humanity or facing our own destruction.

In this exhilarating keynote, Brett unveils the truth behind Generative AI and LLMs, demystifying the technology, its functionality, and its impact on our daily lives, careers, and businesses. Together, you’ll explore the potential ramifications of Generative AI on humanity, from a bleak future where isolation prevails to a prosperous society where humans augment technology to create a better world.

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Empower your teams with valuable insights into this complex domain and equip them with strategies to leverage the technology for enhanced creativity and self-improvement.

Attendees will:

  1. Grasp the AI landscape in simple terms
  2. Discover impactful technologies and their applications in everyday roles
  3. Uncover the future of Generative AI technologies like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard
  4. Ignite a passion for change, learning to augment technology for personal betterment

This keynote, perfect for business and technology teams of all levels, equips you with the knowledge and inspiration to capitalize on humanity’s greatest achievements since the Gutenberg press, electricity, and even fire! Don’t miss this opportunity; book Brett’s keynote now, as he currently shares this crucial message with over 20 businesses worldwide each month.



Generative AI Assessment Workshop

Join Brett StClair, a Rebel Technologist and Generative AI Expert, for a transformative one-day AI assessment workshop designed to demystify the power and potential of Generative AI (GenAI) for your business. Brett will guide you through the complexities and challenges of GenAI, demonstrating how your business can harness this innovative technology to secure substantial competitive advantages.

Feeling overwhelmed by the incessant noise surrounding AI and the myriad of tools available? Unsure about whether your existing IT infrastructure can support GenAI implementation and leverage its potential? Confused about identifying the ideal use case to maximize ROI for your business? If so, this workshop is the solution you’ve been looking for!
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This workshop will empower your executives and department heads with the knowledge of GenAI, assisting them in navigating through current legacy environments and showcasing methodologies and frameworks to fast-track GenAI adoption, regardless of the state of your IT systems. The core of this workshop is enabling your teams to identify key use cases and priorities using Brett’s “One Simple Question” technique, allowing a deeper understanding of what matters to your customers and utilizing AI to enhance their experience and ease of access to your products.

Having been conducted over 50 times globally with leading brands, startups, and diverse businesses aiming to dominate their markets, this workshop guarantees actionable insights and practical knowledge.

Attendees can anticipate the following outcomes:

  1. A 2-pager GenAI strategy deck suitable for your next business-wide presentations.
  2. An in-depth understanding of what is realistically achievable versus what is mere hype.
  3. A clear roadmap detailing the ideal set of use cases for your business, ensuring a successful rollout.

Embark on your GenAI journey with confidence; don’t stumble through the process, relying on unreliable advice from social media. Instead, partner with one of the world’s leading experts and gain the momentum to outperform your competitors swiftly. Remember, time is a luxury we can no longer afford.

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